The aim of this site is to provide a service to members of the club, past and present, so that their achievements on and off the field (but mostly on!) can be recognised and applauded.

It is intended that this site complements the main club website and does not conflict in any way with the aims of that site, or of the club itself.


This site does not provide an exhaustive list of records from the club’s founding in 1897, but concentrates on ‘recent history’ from the current season back to season 1996/7 when the computerisation of the records began.

Prior to 1996/7 the records were kept in notebooks and transferred to index cards at the end of the season. It is these index cards that are used as the basis of the historical records.

In March 1893 the RFU raised the points value of a try from 2 to 3 points (but the conversion was reduced from 3 pts to 2). Although Dings RFC weren't in existence at that time, they were around for the next change in 1971 when the Try was raised to 4 points, and again in 1992 when it became worth 5 points. Unfortunately, the cards only hold an aggregated total of points scored - individual counts of Tries, conversions, etc. are not recorded.

In the current season Dings are running 3 senior sides, but in the past have fielded 5 teams. The 5th XV was commonly made up of veteran players and adopted the name Dings Vikings. Reference is also made to a 6th team, this is used to denote teams used in ‘special’ matches such as Boxing Day, on Tour, or in the ‘Over-35’/Veteran tournaments.

Some details of Junior/Colts appearances are also held but these do not count towards player caps which are awarded for 250 Senior games.


Many thanks to all who have assisted in the collection of these figures. Particularly Richard Grant, Steve Lloyd, and the various team captains and managers over the past few seasons.

Also thanks to Ian Haddrell for his history of the club and players.

Errors and Omissions

All efforts have been made to avoid clerical errors but it is only recently that selectors, team managers, and captains have been using ‘official’ team sheets rather than the backs of fag packets for team lists.

Please use the Contact Us page to report discrepancies or to request information for games/players not listed.